What's New in ARC-IT

What's New in ARC-IT Version 9.0

ARC-IT Version 9.0 includes all views of the National ITS Reference Architecture - Enterprise, Functional, Physical and Communications views; as well as 150 service packages that present slices of the architecture to show how ITS could be deployed to solve real transportation needs. The Architecture Use section describes ways to apply the architecture in support of transportation planning and ITS project development.

The Security / Device Class pages have been updated with new material based on a FHWA Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) Cybersecurity effort. This analysis led to selection of specific security controls that should be applied to Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment (CVRSE), ITS Roadway Equipment (ITSRE), and Vehicle OBEs.

This July 2021 update also includes minor updates to the Enterprise and Physical views.

If the term "ARC-IT" is new to you or it has been a few years since you've visited the National ITS Architecture, you may find the Key Concepts document helpful.